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Financing & Credit

Try Our New Financing Options With Online Applications And The Fastest No Credit Decision Around

Use Option A: If You Fit The Following Criteria:

  1. Have A Checking Account.
  2. Either Employed, Retirement, Pension, Social Security, Disability Or VA Benefits. Be Sure You Input Your Income As A Minimum Of $1000/Month.

12 Month Term/90 Days Same As Cash


For Fast Approval, Click Here.

Option B
: Same Criteria As Option A but uses a different formula to make the decision, thereby accepting certain applications which may not be accepted by Option A

For use instead of, or as a second option after Option A.

Click Here for Option B.

Use Option C: If You Use A Prepaid Card Or A Payroll Card Instead of a Bank Account

You must have your card's routing number and the account number. Though most cards have these, you may need to call your credit card company to get it.

12 Month Term

Apply For Lease

Click Here
for Option C.

In House Financing

Option D1
:  Write us 2-4 checks equaling the total amount of the purchase. The first check must be at least 25% of the total due. The remaining checks must equal the remaining balance. You can choose the amount and the days to have the checks deposited, as long as they are within a 90 day period.

Option D2: This is the option chose when you don't want the hassle of your account being bothered and having to keep up with withdrawal dates. Place a minimum of 65% down and finance the remaining balance over the next 90 days. Best of all there is no interest charge.

Option D3: Put down $25 on any layaway and we will hold it for up to nine months. You can pay on your own schedule and there are no layaway fees.

With So Many Financing Options, We Are Guaranteed To Have A Choice Which Suits You and Your Lifestyle. We Have Great People, Great Prices And Fast Delivery. Our In House Financing Choices Are Just One More Reason We Can Honestly Say, "More Is Possible."

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