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Financing & Credit

We offer easy Layaway, and easy financing, with no credit check.

In-house financing option 1:

  • Step 1 - Customer Fills out application

Most recent pay check stub verifying:

  • Minimum $1,000 gross income per month
  • Customer needs to have been employed for past six months at the same job or within the same industry (No temp service)
  • Year-to-Date totals need to be shown on check stub provided showing earned income for that year

Most recent complete bank statement verifying:

  • $500 in deposits in the month
  • Daily balances with positive balance at beginning and end of statement
  • Zero NSF fees or return charges
  • Less than 6 overdraft charges
  • More than 5 transactions in the month to be considered an active account

Voided Check or bank verification form:

  • Check must match the account number on the bank statement

Copy of Photo ID

Exceptions to our EASY requirements:

Self Employed

  • Need to submit 3 months of bank statements

Retirement/Social Security/VA/Long Term Disability

  • Need to provide benefit letter
  • 12 month term with ninety days same as cash.  First payment due thirty days after approval.

In-house financing option 2:  You must be 18 years or older, have a steady income of at least $1,000 per month, maintain an open/active checking or savings account, credit card, debit card or an eligible form of pre-paid debit card. We accept different forms of income such as Social Security, Retirement, Pension and Self Employment.  First payment of 17% is made before delivery.  8-9 month term.  No documentation is necessary unless requested, which is rarely.

In-house financing option 3:  Use our Multiple Check service along with Standard Guarantee.  Write us 2 – 4 checks equaling the total amount of the purchase.  The first check must be at least 25% of the total due.  The remaining checks must equal the remaining balance.  You can choose the amount and the days to have the checks deposited, as long as they are within a 90 day period.  With this option there is no interest only a small processing fee.  No documentation is necessary unless requested, which is rarely.

In-house financing option 4:  Now introducing, No Credit Check, In-House Financing from DreamHome Furnishings.  Little Rock Residents only, applying for DreamHome Furnishings Financing is quick and easy, and approval happens on the same day you apply.  Place a minimum of 65% down and finance the remaining balance over the next 90 days, best of all there is no interest charge at all.  No documentation is necessary unless requested, which is rarely.

In-house financing option 5:  Put down $20 on any layaway and we will hold it for up to nine months.  There are no layaway fees.  And, you can even change mind on the item you want while they are still in layaway up until 10 business days before delivery on ordered items.  No documentation is necessary.

With so many IN-HOUSE FINANCING options, we are guaranteed to have a choice that suits you and your life.  We have great prices and good people.  Our in house financing choices are just one more reason we can honestly say “Small Store…….Unique Style”.

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